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ThinkOnward Projects

Accelerate your innovation leveraging ThinkOnward Projects and our open talent community.

Get fresh insights. Focus on decisions. Move faster.

If you seek specialized scientific expertise, ThinkOnward unlocks access to a global open talent pool. Our expert team sources top-tier talent for your project, manages workflows seamlessly, and delivers results that accelerate understanding of subsurface data and exploration workflows.

ThinkOnward simplifies finding and activating specialized scientific talent, empowering you to scale, manage, and optimize your project.

Expert Project Management

Our team are industry experts with geoscience and data science backgrounds that use a proven, replicable framework.

Global Talent Pool

We find and activate specialized talent to get the insights you need so you can make decisions with confidence in more aggressive timelines than would be possible internally.

Advanced Technology

Our cloud-based virtual workstation is custom configured with industry-leading and cutting-edge tools, enabling the highest level of security, speed, and collaboration without additional overhead.

Our Community Profile

geologists & geophysicists
data scientists
with 10+ years of experience
major global oil & gas hubs

From kickoff to handoff in as little as 3 months

Identify the problem you want to solve

Looking for a fresh perspective on an existing asset, need to address a skill set gap, or need help with a decision for an upcoming bid round? Our community of geoscience experts can help.

Work with us to frame your project

We help you frame the project and find the expertise you need from within our community of geoscience and data science experts.

Lean on us to oversee your project

Trust us to manage every aspect of your project. From seamless communication to data quality control, we handle it all. Our team ensures successful project delivery.

Get actionable insights from your data

Leverage your data effectively. Whether it’s analyzing existing assets or exploring new frontiers, we provide fresh perspectives that accelerate results.

Unlocking Petroleum Exploration Potential in an Underexplored Active Margin

By leveraging diverse crowdsourced talent with specialized skills and integrating disparate data sources, the project delivered actionable insights, accelerated decision-making, and paved the way for future exploration endeavors of an underexplored region.

What do you need help with?

  • Exploring untapped potential in emerging regions 
  • Evaluating established assets for optimization
  • Addressing gaps in expertise or capacity
  • Seeking fresh insights 
  • Overcoming organizational hurdles
  • Bid round decision support
  • Fostering diverse viewpoints
  • Expanding your toolkit

Let us help.

With so many other problems to solve, why not let our community take a few off your plate?