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Accelerating the pace of energy innovation

The best solutions to your challenges are not always found in your organization but can exist in the collective intelligence of our community of geoscientists and data scientists.

Harness the wisdom and power of the crowd

ThinkOnward empowers natural resource, energy companies, and energy service providers by connecting our community of geoscientists and data scientists with cutting-edge AI/ML tools to accelerate decision-making, optimize workflows, and drive results.

Our goal is to help our customers drive impact at scale by leveraging our expertise, creating a collaborative open innovation model that mobilizes our community's collective wisdom, and using cutting-edge technology. 

Global Community

Materialize your big ideas and drive impact with the power of collaboration and the collective intelligence of our community.

Open Innovation

Explore new ways of working and gain fresh perspectives that accelerate innovation for your organization.

Advanced Technology

Optimize your workflows and outcomes through our community-driven innovation, advanced AI/ML technology, and R&D model.


Geoscience experts expedited to address your biggest subsurface challenges

Good people, diverse perspectives, and new ways of working are the keys to progress, which is why we bring them together around the globe. We’ve seen the power and impact of collaboration and creating spaces for people to use their diverse skills and perspectives to accelerate impact.

Access geoscience expertise with project management by our team of industry experts to:

  • Uncover hidden potential in frontier areas or mature assets
  • Gain fresh, independent viewpoints on your data
  • Eliminate internal bottlenecks
  • Get expert guidance for business decisions during bid rounds
  • Enhance your team’s capabilities
  • Validate the impact of modern AI

Challenges & Bounties

Break through roadblocks with the wisdom of our crowd

Looking for a way to fast-track a complex problem or just need specific expertise for a short-term challenge? ThinkOnward Challenges deliver clever and innovative solutions to overcome problems you've struggled to solve alone that are directly impacting your business. Challenges are competitions built by our team to target your problem with unique insights from our data science community.

Our innovative crowdsourcing model empowers energy companies to tap into the collective talents and expertise of a vibrant community for a multitude of applications such as:

  • Predicting weather conditions for a dynamic ocean
  • Bringing transformer models to complex 3D data sets
  • Finding unique patterns in time series data
  • Extracting unique features from satellite imagery

Innovation Lab

Proven frameworks to enable energy innovation

Our Innovation Lab is a collaborative and creative space where we tackle the most pressing energy transition challenges. We use geoscience and data science to execute, research, and build prototypes that help our customers achieve breakthrough solutions to real-world problems. We combine technology and expertise to identify, evaluate, and cultivate revolutionary concepts to move from discovery to marketplace with speed and confidence.

Our approach to innovation offers a transformative perspective to address complex challenges, and we can help your team do the same to:

  • Tackle some of the biggest challenges in the energy sector
  • Rapidly prototype solutions using projects and challenges
  • Unleash our community’s creative minds and diverse perspectives to spark innovative solutions
  • Drive energy innovation forward with proven frameworks

Collaborate with us.

Use our expertise, technology, and community to fuel your next breakthrough.