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ThinkOnward Innovation Lab

Innovation breakthroughs across the global energy industry.

Creating missions and visions that inspire action and generate massive impact for our customers and partners

Our Innovation Lab is a collaborative space where we bring all the pieces of the ThinkOnward universe together to deliver impactful innovations for our customers and partners. It’s a convergence of scientists, data scientists, geoscientists, advisors, and engineers who identify, research, and cultivate revolutionary approaches, concepts, and ideas to solve the most pressing energy challenges. 

Ideas are evaluated for impact value, technical feasibility, market viability, and overall risk before moving to development. Potentially viable ideas have a team dedicated to scoping, data analysis, technology assessment, prototyping, and testing. The goal is to move from discovery to the marketplace with speed and confidence. 

Your partner for innovation

Our Innovation Lab is more than just spaces or teams, it is a mindset and culture that fosters creativity and curiosity.

Proven frameworks

We combine technology and expertise to identify, evaluate, and cultivate revolutionary concepts.

From discovery to market

Innovation sponsors get early and privileged access to the solutions - ahead of the market - offering a competitive advantage.

Merging Satellite Imagery and AI to Decode Carbon Dynamics

ThinkOnward’s interdisciplinary team of experts leveraged satellite imagery and remote sensing technologies to study dynamic wetland ecosystems. We tackled the challenge of delineating and characterizing carbon stocks and emissions. Our data scientists collaborated with ML software engineers to create scalable solutions for complex problems, focusing on cutting-edge ML and AI technology to address real-world energy issues.

We’re currently working on innovations in areas of:

Exploration & Development

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)

Critical Minerals & Metals

Ocean Modeling

Water Management

Energy Storage

Do you have a big idea?.

Your big idea could be the next big exploration or energy solution with the support of our innovation lab.