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Onward Investments

Onward works with startup founders, providing investment to rapidly move ideas into the market.

Meet some of the startups putting their energy into our energy future.

AI Technology & Systems

AI Tech Systems is a NASA iTech company that provides compressed AI models and software tailored for edge AIoT tiny electronics.

Austere Environmental

Austere Environmental specializes in remediating soils contaminated with petroleum products, such as jet fuel, diesel, and crude oil, after road-side accidents, onshore pipeline leaks, from drill cuttings, and more.

Economical Energy

Economical Energy has invented the VIPER, a more cost-effective way to store intermittent renewable energy.


Flexergy is an ultra-efficient hydrogen compression and storage company with technology that reduces energy loss, thereby reducing the final cost of hydrogen.


Onvol products convert motion into electricity to self-power industrial smart devices without the need for batteries.

Project Geminae

Project Geminae is an AI-powered portfolio optimization platform, revolutionizing the upstream oil and gas industry.


SeisWave is a seismic service company focusing on creating novel technology and service for seismic data processing.


Fulle has developed smart battery chargers for 2- and 3-wheel vehicles that extend battery lifespan while providing faster charging.

Janta Power

Janta Power has invented a 3D approach to harnessing the power of the sun with technology that allows for a power-dense energy system, helps extend the lifespan of the system, and is projected to produce energy at less than 1 Cent/KWh.


Vorticity is developing a radically new silicon chip architecture and system to dramatically accelerate scientific computing problems.

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