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We’re here to guide you toward breakthroughs

The ThinkOnward community is a one-stop-shop for problem-solving with crowd intelligence. Easily access hard to find energy industry experience including AI/ML technologies and geoscience expertise.

Unique approaches designed to fit the problem  

Depending on the complexity of the problem you need help with, you may choose to sponsor a projectchallenge, or bounty, or a combination. Our team will help you understand the process for each and show you what kind of results to expect. We’ll then work with you to frame your problem and design a structure to solve it. You’ll also get help managing the details so our community can focus on providing solutions. 

People and perspectives that generate wins for you

Leverage the passion and expertise of the ThinkOnward community to view a problem from every conceivable angle. The result is often several unique and viable solutions. Sponsorship helps you access a world of people with energy and data science experience and creative thinkers working collaboratively to generate breakthrough ideas.

How to engage ThinkOnward 

Anyone as committed as we are to making progress — even incremental progress — on energy and energy transition questions can become a sponsor. Sponsors can be oil & gas companies, energy service providers, geophysical data providers, natural resource companies, individuals, teams, or other organizations that have an idea they want to explore, a roadblock to be removed, or additional resources to be applied to a problem in the energy industry. 

You can choose to put money against a major project, support a modest bounty, engage with our innovation lab, or something in between. We will help you define, design, structure, and manage the pathway to meet your goals and get results you can use.

Join us.

Be part of the community that will transform our energy future.