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Challenge yourself to power our future

Test your skills, compete, and get paid for your winning ideas.

Real-world solutions

Challenges and bounties are designed to collect the necessary pieces to fuel AI/ML breakthroughs in energy. We work with dozens of specializations, data types, formats, and applications from energy exploration, development, optimization, and decarbonization.

Emissions Geolocation | Distribution | Optimization | Electricity | Satellite | Environmental

PDE | Generative AI | Remote Sensing

Open Source | Synthetic | Time Series

Real-world applications

Apply your knowledge to new enterprises

Reduce the time for processing geophysical data

Find new optimization algorithms for logistics problems

Optimize industrial processing by finding anomalies

For challenge slayers

Big data, big prizes. Find a challenge, get involved, solve it, and make a difference.

in total prize value awarded
data types, formats and applications
challenges launched

Off the Beaten Path


Build an algorithm that solves for the most profitable solution by sending workers to collect rewards over a map area within a particular time and budget.

Real-world application: Optimize complex schedules for business operations.

From One to Many

Generative AI

Fine tune a conditional variational autoencoder to thoroughly explore the possibilities of a simple mathematical function.

Real-world application: Expand solutions in mathematics and geoscience.

Future in Charges

Partial Differential Equation

Help improve battery efficiency and storage capabilities by exploring the Poisson-Boltzmann partial differential equation to model the electro-chemical processes. 

Real-world application: Gain more efficient, green electricity storage.

For bounty seekers

Race to the finish. Apply your skills and be the first to uncover new data sources or submit working code to win the prize.

Prize per bounty
6 Specializations
Emissions Geolocation | Distribution | Optimization | Electricity | Satellite | Environmental

Explore a successful bounty

Finders Seekers: Optimize RAM Usage for 3D Labeling

This bounty was one in a series of quick tasks that helped unblock a project that had been frustrating a corporate team for months.

In just four days, three teams generated code that could be put to work improving processing time and accuracy.

Five out of 24 participants were awarded cash prizes ranging from $500 to $2,000.

Want to test your skills before you dive in?

Our sandbox challenges are a great way to try out a data science challenge where there are no wrong answers.

Want to put our community to work for you?

Are you looking for some fresh thinking or a few more brains? Whether you’re an operator, geophysical data provider, utility company, or any other energy professional, we can help you build a challenge that will engage our network of experts so you can get unstuck or take things to the next level. Our challenges and bounties are delivering unique solutions for implementing and optimizing AI, building new models and tools, testing the results of existing algorithms, and scaling dataset ingestion.

Our challenges attract dozens of teams and often produce multiple solutions that represent new ways of looking at a problem. Many solutions have resulted in tangible savings in time, energy, and costs. Bring us your challenge, and we’ll bring the expertise. 

Let’s build a challenge to deliver your solution.

Join us.

Use our expertise, technology, and community to fuel your next breakthrough.