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A global community of problem solvers

Brilliant people worldwide hold pieces of the solution to our global energy challenges - we are bringing them together in one community to help build our global energy future.

A fusion of brilliance, passion, and business

We’ve created a singular place where energy innovators, scientists, geoscientists, data scientists, and engineers come together to share their talents and engineer breakthroughs.

The breakthroughs we need will be powered by human energy, by people motivated to shape a new and resilient energy future. The power of our platform lies in its ability to connect people with diverse perspectives and energize multidisciplinary collaboration to propel ideas rapidly from concept to prototype to reality.

This is the place where:


Can access an untapped worldwide network of flexible, nimble talent.

Community Members

Can participate in competitive challenges and continuous learning to stretch their minds, upskill and reskill.


Can find ways to utilize their expertise to solve projects and collaborate with others.

A few ways to use your talents and improve your skills


Engage your specialized talents in flexible, rewarding exploration and energy projects.


Test your skills and compete in global data science competitions.


Race to uncover data sources and create code to unblock problems.

One platform, 5K+ members, 6 continents, big impact

Add your passion and expertise to ours and amplify what’s possible.

community members including geoscientists, data scientists, programmers, energy experts, and climate tech entrepreneurs and enthusiasts
years of energy industry expertise
solutions submitted to challenges facing the industry
years of in-house labor saved
delivered in ROI to our customers
1 mission:
to accelerate the pace of energy innovation

Join us.

Join the community that is transforming our energy future.