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ThinkOnward Projects

Opportunities that fuel passions, reward talent, and accelerate decisions

As part of the ThinkOnward community, you’ll discover opportunities that fuel your passion, fit your life, and reward your talents. Our secure virtual workstations enable agility and collaboration across the globe without installing software on your machine. You’ll find it easy to quickly get started on rewarding projects with competitive compensation.

Companies can tap into our global community of specialized scientific talent. Our expert team of geoscientists has the capability and framework to source and place talent, manage workflows end to end, and deliver results that accelerate the exploration lifecycle. We also provide a secure virtual workstation preloaded with all the tools and data you need to complete the work.

Work on a project

Apply to breakthrough projects that leverage your specialist expertise and fuel your passion.

Quickly get started on rewarding projects with competitive compensation, access to unparalleled resources, and continuous support.

Put a project to work for you

ThinkOnward makes it easy to find and activate specialized scientific talent to help scale, manage, and optimize your project.

Access untapped sources of expertise, insight, and innovation that will improve your outcomes.

ThinkOnward gives access to powerful data and tools on a cloud-based virtual workstation that accelerates the path to discovery.

Data and software access

Proprietary seismic and well data with licensed software for interpretation

Performance workstation

Extremely responsive, reliable, and encrypted work environment

Ready-to-use data

Data loading, management, and preparation to expedite and ease workflow

Dedicated support

Continuous support for IT and data loading

Join us.

Use our expertise, technology, and community to fuel your next breakthrough.