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A platform for change

Breaking down barriers, democratizing data and accelerating pathways to energy innovation.

Our vision for change

We will catalyze the intelligent transformation of our energy systems by fueling brilliant minds.

Changing energy systems forever

Through relentless innovation, we will find new ways to deliver scalable, low-carbon energy systems that work.

A nexus for change

Our digital ecosystem is a hub for innovation, collaboration and entrepreneurialism to strengthen the resiliency of existing energy resources.

Changing minds

With powerful data, we will paint a compelling, evidence-based picture of the benefits of a net-zero future.

Empowering changemakers

By removing barriers and challenging the status quo, we will reframe what’s possible and accelerate the adoption of innovative, commercially viable energy technologies.

A powerful community 

The complex challenge of reimagining our energy system demands multidisciplinary skill sets and a diversity of perspectives. Onward powers an active community of scientists, geoscientists, data scientists, entrepreneurs and data professionals who solve problems together. We want your talent and perspective no matter where you are on your journey. Our digital ecosystem is as easily accessible from your coffee shop or a swim meet as it is from the lab.  

Trailblazing scientists 

Join a multidisciplinary community where you can problem solve and innovate together in an environment that encourages discovery and is a safe place to play. 

Data scientists and enthusiasts 

Access our rich data and put your skills to the test competing with your peers. We believe in the democratization of data and in collaboration.  

Energy and climate tech entrepreneurs 

Propel your business to success. Our platform plugs you into an active, passionate scientific community empowered by the data and resources to accelerate innovation.  


Apply your passion and expertise to find innovative energy solutions.


Stretch your mind on innovation projects that engage your specialized knowledge.


Become part of an ecosystem that’s hyper-focused on bringing new ideas and technology to life in ways that apply to market demand. 

Join us.

Be part of the community that will transform our energy future.