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A platform for innovation

Breaking down barriers and accelerating pathways to innovation for the energy industry.

Our mission

Our mission is to accelerate innovation for the natural resources and energy industries, drive sustainable progress, and deliver value to our customers, community, and stakeholders.

We are dedicated to solving challenges in subsurface exploration, carbon capture, and other critical initiatives for the energy industry. We seek to partner with exploration & production companies and energy service providers to help them navigate their toughest challenges with agility and innovation.

What we do

We are catalyzing the intelligent transformation of the industry by inspiring, leveraging, and applying the brilliant minds of our global community with leading-edge technology.

Address the energy balance 

Through open innovation and collaboration, we are finding new ways to optimize energy exploration.

Deliver innovation

Our digital ecosystem is a hub for collaborative innovation, tackling some of the most difficult challenges in oil & gas exploration and carbon capture.

Empower doers

By removing barriers and challenging the status quo, we reframe what’s possible and accelerate the adoption of innovative, commercially viable technologies and workflows.

A powerful community

ThinkOnward powers an active community of geoscientists, data scientists, scientists, and engineers who extend and complement the science and technology resources inside energy companies to solve problems together. By harnessing the expertise, collective wisdom, and varied perspectives of our community, we accelerate breakthroughs in the exploration and development of natural resources.

Trailblazing geoscientists

Our multidisciplinary community allows members to problem-solve and innovate in an environment that encourages discovery and experimentation. 

Data scientists and enthusiasts

For individuals seeking to be a part of our community, you can access our rich data and put your skills to the test competing with your peers. 


Seasoned energy experts

Your passion drove your career, and your wisdom and knowledge are invaluable. Still, you want to feel challenged while living a flexible lifestyle.

Our Solutions


Leverage our community's specialized skills and expertise to work on your most complex projects.

Challenges & Bounties

Crowd-sourcing data science innovation through machine learning and AI competitions to solve real-world energy industry challenges.

Innovation Lab

Supercharge your research through the combination of our subject matter expertise and our diverse global multidisciplinary community.

Join us.

Use our expertise, technology, and community to fuel your next breakthrough.